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작성일 : 14-05-19 16:59
[구인] 여름방학(6월 - 8월) SAT 선생님 구합니다. @강남, 서울
 글쓴이 : Tony Ahn
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관심있으신 분들은 지원해주시면 감사하겠습니다. ^^

[Gangnam, Seoul, South Korea] Hiring Summer SAT Teachers [Korean-English Bilingual]

We are truly looking for knowledgeable SAT/AP(Advance Program) teachers. The teachers will work for the Summer Season from June/July through Aug., 2014.

The school provides highly professional AP/SAT test prep service for students who're advancing to U.S. universities. US Top ranking schools' graduates and experienced teachers will be highly appreciated for this opportunity. 

Any teachers with experience will be highly appreciated. Korean-English Bilingual Gyopo(Korean American) or Korean Teachers are preferred.

APPLY NOW to work in center of Gangnam Seoul and receive lucrative benefits from the top SAT/AP institute in Korea by applying via

Applicable Job Types are either Summer Season only Part Time (June through August) or Ongoing Full Time. You can choose to apply at your convenient schedule.

A. Job Information 
- School Type: Private 
- Job Type: Summer Season only Part Time (June through August) or Ongoing Full Time
- Location: Daechi-dong, Gangnam, Seoul, Korea
- Student Age: Junior - Senior High School    
- Starting Date: June/July, 2014
- Working Hours: To be decided in consideration of teacher and student’s schedule.
- Preferred Teachers: US Top ranking schools preferred
- Payment: 3M KRW - 4M KRW monthly salary based on 30,000KRW - 40,000KRW hourly rate with housing and 1 million KRW airfare allowance

Anyone who's interested in this opportunity, please make DIRECT application through our 'APPLY NOW' site at

A representative will assist you shortly to initiate the placement process. 
If you have any questions regarding the position, please let us know by sending email to for prompt assistance.

- Anyone who recently graduated from one of the TOP ranking universities in the US.
- F-4 visa holders (Korean Gyopos) and IVY Leaguer are highly valued!
- Hold an Apstilled copy of original bachelor degree from an accredited university
- Clean nationwide criminal background check
* Proof documents will be asked during the official process

D. About gloii RS
gloii is a professional recruiting and English teacher placement agency operating in New York, London, Sydney and Seoul Korea. We're providing comprehensive, knowledgeable and professional guidance to prospective ESL teachers who have the sincere desire to come to South Korea to teach English while at the same time learning about the richness and uniqueness of Korean culture and everyday life.

gloii has the recruiting network throughout Korea directly representing a great number of Public and Private schools and able to get you the most established and reputable employers saving your valuable time and energy. Our services are being offered free of charge for teachers. 

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gloii Korea ESL Job Bridge -
Skype gloiirs | KakaoTalk gloiiesl | US +1 708-320-9630 | Korea +82 10-9182-4621

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