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안녕하세요 음반 제작디지털 발매컨설트 팀인 `imastar music group` 이라고 합니다.

엘에이 를 중심으로 활동하고 있는 젊은층의 음악제작 팀 입니다.

Ccm, 광고음악인디 영화음악홈페이지 음악하고계시는 비즈니스 업체의 로고송취미로 앨범을 제작또는 기존의 곡을 녹음등등 많은 이벤트와 개인의 음악 활동에 도움을 드릴수 있는 팀입니다언제든 적은 버젯 으로 도 활동이 가능하오니 문의해주세요.


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About Us:


We are a group of producers based out of Los Angeles, Ca that have binded together with our own unique background and area of expertise in order to create a vast and endless source of music and music business. Each member of our production team has had their own experience in either writing, composing, playing live, djing, producing, filming, and even deisgn with major labels throughout the world. We all individually are young-striving musicians as well, so we understand the concerns and questions that you may have with certain areas of the music business. And when it comes to fees, our team is always willing to negotiate to make all of our aqquaintences satisfied. However, we are confident our quality will show in our work through a high level of professionalism to our audiences and business partners.  Our team is incredibly educated with the comprehension of how the music business and music production fields operate, and can offer a detailed presentation to any trying to grow themselves as a musician or music producer.


***Our studio is currently located in Los Angeles, CA currently being rennovated.


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