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작성일 : 20-06-23 09:07
KN95 $1.50/PC
 글쓴이 : Korean girl

Good morning to you fellow friends and family.



Our company is located in San Diego and we supply KN95 mask for US.


We are selling KN95 $1.50/PC When you buy more than  480PCS


BLUE MASK is $0.4/PC


I kindly attached the link for you to check our masks.

You can get it by our online or get it by picking up. We are near Iris Ave Station.


I think it would be great if the city offer people Masks.

My owner got the masks so his employees can keep their job. We are having difficulties finding buyer.



Please get back to us if you have any interest!

619 962 5151 Thank you!



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