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Looking for Students
 글쓴이 : Julian
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            English Education for Various Purposes

1. Offers classes (online) optimized to help my students meet the English language proficiency requirements. (TOEFL/IELTS/etc.)

2. Offers classes (online) optimized to help my students, especially expatriates and repatriates, gain admittance to universities or other educational institutions in North America, Europe and Asia. (SAT/ACT/IB/AP/GRE/GMAT/A-Level/IGCSE/etc.)

3. Offers ESL classes (online) optimized to help migrant students, especially newly expatriated students, quickly and effectively overcome language barriers.
All the classes that I offer are based on:

*Time-tested, accumulated (over 23 years) know-how

*Flexibility and compatibility of offline and online curricula

*Global accessibility

                                                          My Resume

Phone: +43-677-617-35030


Kakao ID: julianeverdr1


PhD The University of Vienna, English and American Studies -current-

MA The University of Vienna, English Language and Linguistics

TEACHING AND MENTORING EXPERIENCE__________________________________

Sungkyunkwhan Univ. (Instructor of English for Academic Purposes)

Korea Univ. (Instructor of Business English)

Mentor's Table Institute (TOEFL/SAT/SSAT/AP/IB(TOK/EE/Geography/Biology/Business Management) Teacher)

Topia Institute (TOEFL/SAT1/AP/TEPS/TOEIC/Debate) 민사 Team Head/Chief Instructor)

Sambo Institute (TOEFL/IELTS/SAT1/AP/IB DP(TOK/EE/Language & Literature /Geography/Biology/Business Management) Teacher)

Vienna Eton Institute Lecturer (English/Korean Language Teacher)

Group Tutoring (TOEFL/IELTS/SAT1/NEW SAT Essay/ACT /ACT Essay /AP/IB DP(TOK/EE/ Language & Literature/Geography/Biology/Business Management/특례)


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