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작성일 : 15-04-21 10:38
연예 Entertainment 인턴쉽
 글쓴이 : Matthewsj
조회 : 1,303 [735]

연예/ Entertainment 관련해 관심 있으시거나 , Music Business 측으로 진로를 꿈꾸시는 분들께 공지 드립니다. 

Music Business Internship at Record Label 

Joombas Music Group History and Credits: 

Joombas Music Group is an international music entertainment company with branch offices 
in Hollywood, CA, New York, NY and Seoul, South Korea, encompassing several departments 
including Music Production, Entertainment Agency, Artist Development, Media, and Music 

Our credits as a music production company include Justin Bieber's U.S. Billboard top charting #16 hit song "One Less Lonely Girl" also recognized in 2009-2010 Billboard Top 100 Songs of the Year; EXO's Growl which sold over a million copies in 2013(a sales record that had not been broken for 12 years since 2001), SM Entertainment's Idol boy bands "SHINee with "Dream Girl" hitting #1 on Billboard Korea, "EXO-K" and "EXO-M," both respectively peaking at #1 on Billboard Korea Hot 200 for album sales and #1 on China's SINA Charts Top 100 (China's Billboard equivalent); SM pop girl group Girl's Generation "Romantic St." on #1 charting album "I Got a Boy"; and other songs such as "Supa Love" for Korean Billboard #1 top-charting artists "Teen Top" and FIESTAR's "We Don't Stop". we are also expanded reach into the Japanese market by producing Tynisha Kelly's "Right Here Waiting" on The Fifth Element, the #2 Album on Itunes Japan. 

We started off 2013 by produced "Pretty Girl" on the f(x) Pink Tape album and also "Light Up the Darkness" by VIXX. He also produced "Black Pearl" and "Don't Go" on EXO's first official album XOXO. However, most noteworthy was "Growl" the title song of the XOXO Repackage Album, which rose to #1 on several charts including the Billboard World Album Charts, later being awarded "2013 Song of the Year". Then continued to produce more chart-topping hits such as "G.R.8.U." and "Say U Say Me" and "Voodoo Doll" for VIXX. 

Currently, Joombas has a partnership with L.A. Reid (Head of Epic Records) and one of the world's largest music publishers, Sony/ATV, which allows him to work with the most talented musicians throughout the world. Joombas Music Group also has an ongoing partnership with one of the largest South Korean entertainment labels, SM Entertainment, and continues to work with their roster of artists. 

Internship of Assistant General Manager (Music Business) 

1. Strong interest in Pop music, Kpop, trends, etc. 
2. Can handle a rapid multi-tasking environment 
3. Located near Hollywood (LA) preferred 
4. Must speak and write English(fluent) and Korean. 
5. Work for free (in Internship period) 

Our office is open Monday through Friday. We are flexible with scheduling. Please send us your resume and portfolio too if you are interested. 



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