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작성일 : 14-09-08 22:03
현대로템 덴버사이트 ENGINEER
 글쓴이 : 현대로템
조회 : 967  

Please read thoroughly. Email resume to

Job Title: Warranty Test Engineer

Employment Status: Full time, Exempt, Permanent

Location: Denver, CO

Department: Quality Control

Pay: $50k with benefits

This position is responsible for the overall coordination and administration of Test & Commissioning, Warranty programs, and engineering for the project.

Core Responsibilities:

  • Prepare and review all T&C and warranty specifications for new equipment. Oversee the T&C, warranty return parts, and associated shipping documentation. Maintain all T&C record and enter to RQMIS. Coordinate with all designer/ Vendor to carryout T&C.
  • Gather, compile, and organize all support data and technical information required to properly substantiate, submit, and recover warranty claims. Verify all new equipment information is entered into computer system for T&C and warranty tracking.
  • Work with DTS train system administrators to develop data entry programs for capturing warranty data from maintenance divisions.
  • Work closely with Maintenance manager to ensure failed parts are returned with proper information to the warranty parts holding area for disposition. Maintain proper maintenance records (manual or computerized) that will comply with manufacturer and parts suppliers’ warranty requirements. Review maintenance records, inventory issues, and warranty records, of equipment under warranty to detect failure trends, establish fleet defects and take appropriate actions to correct the problems.
  • Work with managers, quality control inspectors, training instructors, and outside contractors to gather information and perform failure analyses of components and material. Work with engineers to develop new contract specifications for proper T&C and warranty coverage
  • Coordinate and administer the warranty programs as defined by individual contracts. Prepare fleet defect letters and other warranty-related correspondence.
  • Determine warrantable repair work and files warranty claims to vendors to recover costs expended by Rotem, and negotiate the claim that is charged by DTS to reduce the cost.
  • Schedule and conduct regular meetings between contractors and Rotem personnel to discuss T&C, warranty programs, equipment failures, claims processing, and warranty recovery.
  • Coordinate, monitor, and document all warranty repairs performed by outside vendors.
  • Work with Information Systems personnel and maintenance system administrators to enhance the RQMIS and ACCESS warranty system to determine cost effectiveness of maintenance practices and take corrective action as required.
  • Communicate regularly with vendor manager on warranty issues by sending out warranty information updates and going to divisions to discuss warranty problems include all T&C issues.
  • Perform as resident inspector during the initial manufacturing phase of new equipment. Investigate, recommend, and implement new ideas and procedures to maximize warranty recovery.
  • Establish and provide routine status reports on all equipment under warranty. Provide monthly summary reports on warranty claims and recovery.
  • Enforce training on warranty systems and their importance. Work closely with technicians to ensure the correct repair procedures are executed in the technical repair process in order to comply with the warranty requirements according to technical specs.
  • Ensure warranty requirements are incorporated into purchase orders, service manuals, maintenance bulletins, and training classes as necessary.
  • Oversee the posting and maintenance of retrofit work process.
  • Maintain all test record/document properly and update History book.
  • Support engineering and project management works.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Experience/Skill Requirements:

  • Minimum 1 year experience in railcar industry preferred.
  • Detail oriented and excellent organizational skills. Proficient in MS Office.
  • Knowledge of technical and mechanical engineering concepts, and heavy duty railroad equipment preferred.
  • Ability to create/analyze and interpret reliability reports and data.

Education Requirements:

·         BS in Electrical Engineering.or related field


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