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작성일 : 13-04-20 06:20
한국 말 잘 하시는 분 찼읍니다. 20-30대, 배우 훈련하신 분 선호, 표준말
 글쓴이 : Ok Hee
조회 : 3,342  
Looking for two males and one female who speak standard Korean (Seoul) without any regional accent. This is for a small audio-only language tutorial project. Must be locally available for an audition(15 mins) and for a recording session(3 hours. Approx.) The recording session will be scheduled in the second or the third week of May, 2013.

We do not pay for auditions but do pay for the recording if chosen. Must be able to read and speak like a native. Must be able to work in US legally. 

Must have great diction and a pleasant voice. Please call 818-737-0418 to schedule an audition.


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