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TUTOR 과학,수학,영어 과외
 글쓴이 : TUTOR 과학,수학,영어 과외
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TUTOR 과학,수학,영어 과외

Get one-on-one tutoring to excel in school!

Study with a personalized student learning plan!


College Courses: Science, Math, English (All classes : including Organic Chemistry, Anatomy, Physics, Critical Writing) ,or  undergraduate or graduate level test prep.

AP Biology Calculus AB BC Chemistry Physics Statistics Environmental Science, Anatomy Physiology

IB Physics Chemistry Biology Math

9th-12th Algebra1 2 Geometry Trigonometry PreCalculus Calculus Statistics Physics Chemistry Biology Creative Writing, Writing & Grammar Reading Comprehension 

K-8th : Math, Science Writing & Grammar Reading Comprehension

SAT Math Critical Reading & Writing,

SAT2 Math Physics Chemistry Biology

ACT English Math Science



120 min for $80 (K-8)

120 min for $90 (9th -12th)

120 min for $100 (AP Courses, SAT, ACT)

College Courses  or  Other Test  Prep. (Tuition: Call for detail)





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