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작성일 : 20-07-20 20:28
Cuckoo) 쿠쿠 최신상품 할인 이벤트 미국 2Day 직배송!
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Cuckoo) 쿠쿠 최신상품 할인 이벤트 미국 2Day 직배송!

  • Leading-edge technology: developed by 40 years of constant research and unique know-how, our Smart algorithms adjust the power and pressure level to accommodate you with different types of cooking
  • 8 smart built-in programs: our convenient built-in programs feature various cooking modes; Soup, meat, vegetables, rice, porridge, slow cook, browning fry, steam cook
  • Cook safe, Every day: along with cetl safety certification, digital-programed steam release valve(solenoid valve) releases steam automatically when cooking is done or during the Keep-Warm mode.
  • 2PLY Clad (al +STS 304) inner pot: a combination material of stainless steel and aluminum For the complete heat conduction, can endure high temperature, pressure, and steam. Not only it helps protect the interior of your multi cooker but also makes cleaning simple and easy.
  • Cleanliness: water drain system prevents bad odors and bacteria by collecting water created during cooking. Water Dew dish collects excess water vapor after cooking is done to maintain the original flavor of food.
  • I cook Q5 premium [rice] cooking modes Smart algorithm is specifically based on long grain & short grain, mixed rice. Please find details below.
  • Cuckoo) 쿠쿠 최신상품 할인 이벤트 미국 2Day 직배송!


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