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작성일 : 20-06-24 17:26
펫샵) 애완동물 사료/비타민/장난감/청소기/등 할인행사!
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펫샵) 애완동물 사료/비타민/장난감/청소기/등 할인행사!

  • 99.9% dust free, hypo-allergenic natural litter to keep your surfaces clean and perfect for families who suffer from allergies
  • Hard clumping, medium-grain clay makes it the perfect clumping litter that helps prevent moisture
  • Multi-cat formula and superior odor control keeps your home smelling clean and fresh day in and day out
  • Ideal for sifting and mechanical litter boxes so it's easier for you to dispose of your kitty's waste
  • Forms hard clumps that don't break down making easier to scoop up and clean the box twice daily
  • 펫샵) 애완동물 사료/비타민/장난감/청소기/등 할인행사!


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