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작성일 : 20-06-16 00:38
골프) 갈라웨이/IZZO/UA 등 골프 용품 50% 할인!
 글쓴이 : 산타

골프) 갈라웨이/IZZO/UA 등 골프 용품 50% 할인!

  • Slope feature measures angle of incline/decline and automatically calculates slope adjusted distance
  • 6x magnification; range 5-1000 yards with +/- 1 yard accuracy
  • Pin acquisition technology (P.A.T.) quickly locks onto the pin from up to 300 yards away
  • Exclusive BIRDIE feature delivers audible "chirp" to confirm distance acquisition to flagstick
  • Scan functionality allows golfers to acquire distances to multiple targets at once
  • Net Size: 25" x 25" - Ultra light and durable
  • Includes 3 targets
  • Easy set-up / take-down
  • Compact storage (collapses to 12" diameter)
  • For use indoors and outdoors
  • Ultra light and durable
  • Great for wedge practice
  • Use with foam balls for practice indoors or at the office
  • 골프) 갈라웨이/IZZO/UA 등 골프 용품 50% 할인!


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