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작성일 : 20-06-07 08:27
CJ) 햇반 / 비비고 / 제품 할인 15~30%
 글쓴이 : 산타

CJ) 햇반 / 비비고 / 제품 할인 15~30%

  • Rice that simply taste better! Great as-is, or for sushi, california rolls, or in a soup.
  • Made from premium crops of rice and cooked under perfect condition for the best possible taste and texture.
  • Perfect for college students, singles, busy professionals, campers, and anyone who wants quick, healthy, and delicious rice!
  • Comes in a convenient microwaveable container and ready in 90 seconds.
  • Contains (12) 7.4-oz Bowls; Product of CJ, No.1 Korean Food Company. CJ has been developing and enhancing instant rice for over 20 years.
  • CJ) 햇반 / 비비고 / 제품 할인 15~30%


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