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작성일 : 20-05-20 20:15
Protective) 한국산 얼굴 마스크 5팩! 할인~
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Protective) 한국산 얼굴 마스크 5팩! 할인~

  • COTTON FACE MASK Fine Dust Blocking Cotton Mask (Made in Korea)
  • COMFORTABLE 3-DIMENSIONAL DESIGN - The mask close to the face that covers the nose and chin
  • ENZYME WASHING - It is a method that gently removes fine hairs on the fabric surface, and the surface becomes soft after work
  • SIZE 19cm (Wide) x 13cm (Height) One size fits most all; Each order contains 4 Masks (NO filter is included); Made in Korea South
  • This mask is manufactured by Ecomade Arena OEM under the quality control in Korea South and is sold exclusively by Ecomade Arena. Confirm the seller's name before placing your order to ensure you receive an authentic, quality mask.
  • Protective) 한국산 얼굴 마스크 5팩! 할인~


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